Coastal Batholith


The Coastal Batholith is comprised of two target areas on the coast of Peru, totaling 15,700 hectares, with both precious and base metal opportunities. Tier One screened 11,000 square kilometres (km) using a stream sediment survey to identify the target areas, which are located within the northern half of the Cretaceous porphyry and IOCG belt that hosts the Zafranel (Teck Resources), Tia Maria (Southern Copper Corp.) and Mina Justa (Minsur S.A.) deposits in the southern region of Peru. The Company‚Äôs technical team believes the same geology continues north of these deposits but has never been explored in a systematic manner.

The Coastal Batholith is a low altitude project, located approximately 180 km north of Lima, near to the Pan-American Highway.

District Scale Opportunity in an Underexplored Region
BLEG Results